Velostand ORIGINAL + XL + PHONE attachment (3-in-1 BUNDLE)

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Our most popular product, the COMPLETE 3-1 Bundle gives you 2 Velostands (1 ORIGINAL & 1 XL) PLUS the Phone Attachment. Allows you to STAND your bike and PROP-UP your phone at the same time. Use it as a portable tripod/selfie-stand to take pictures with your bike. 


    • Strong and Durable: Made from precision-cut 5mm Plexiglass
    • Easy to use: Stands your bike up in seconds 
    • Sleek design: Transparent and invisible in pictures to make your bike look like its floating/standing on its own
    • Multi-purpose: Use the detachable phone attachment to convert the Velostand into a portable selfie stand or work stand for your mobile phone
    • Lightweight and portable: Fits in your jersey pocket so you can bring it on all your rides. 
  • Compatibility: ORIGINAL - Works with most ROAD and FOLDING bikes / XL - works with most MOUNTAIN and GRAVEL bikes (See bike compatibility guide below)


  • 1 ORIGINAL Bike stand  
  • 1 XL Bike stand
  • 1 Phone attachment
  • ULTRA-SOFT Microfibre carrying pouch  (use it to clean your riding glasses too!)

    How to Use

    • Look for a flat, non-slippery surface to park your bike
    • Shift your bike into the biggest chainring in front and the smallest at the rear
    • Rotate the crank arm to the six o’clock position
    • Place the Velostand under the bike pedal spindle 
    • Take awesome pictures!